Denali Miter Saw StandThe Denali Miter Saw Stand is about half the price of some best selling models.

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Denali Miter Saw Stand Review

The Denali Miter Saw Stand has all the features you want in a miter saw stand. It is made of heavy duty steel and folds down quickly for storage. This means it is very quick and simple to set up and break it down. The miter saw stand can fit most 10-inch miter saws from the major brands. It has adjustments for the height of the material supports that do not require any tools to adjust. It also under the brand name Ryobi and is sold at home depot.

Denali Miter Saw Stand Features:

  • Model Weight: 47 lbs
  • Max Material Length: 10 ft

One customer review summed it up nicely with the following excerpt:

“…I’ll agree with the other reviews that this is good for the money. Doesn’t take much time to install and it’s strong enough to hold my 10 inch saw. .…”

Denali Miter Saw Stand Highlights:

The Denali Miter Saw Stand has square metal supports that extend for longer material lengths up to 10ft. For repetitive cuts there are built in stops.

When you are done for the day, use the quick release mounting brackets to remove your miter saw from the stand and fold the legs up for easy storage.

The miter saw mount is a universal design so it should work with most any manufacturer’s miter saw brand up to about a 10 inch miter saw.

Denali Miter Saw Stand MountsDenali Miter Saw Stand Negatives:

Like any tool, the Denali Miter Saw Stand does have it’s cons. Some customers thought the miter saw stand supports sagged when fully extended. In fact the biggest complaint had to do with the supports not having the holes correctly tapped and drilled by the manufacturer which is done in China. Others wanted a miter saw stand that was smaller for storage and lighter. One unhappy customer summed it up best in this excerpt:
“…Before I could finish putting the pieces together, I had a problem. One of the set screw knobs will not work because the simple hole is stripped out. Why couldn’t they weld a nut to the bracket to use as the threads… Chinese junk. My frustration begins because I cannot find a contact number or website anywhere in the operator’s manual. For now I’m at a loss. Probably weld a nut to the bracket like it should be. …”

If you are looking for a lighter stand made from aluminum stand, please check out my review of the Dewalt DWX723 Miter Saw Stand Here.

Denali Miter Saw Stand Conclusion:

The Denali Miter Saw Stand has a sturdy heavy duty design. If you are looking for a heavy duty folding mitre saw stand at about half the price of the more popular brands like Dewalt and Bosch you can’t go wrong with the Denali Miter Saw Stand.

Denali Miter Saw Stand Deals:

The best price I found for the Denali Miter Saw Stand is at Amazon. The price is better for the Denali brand than the Ryobi Miter Saw Stand sold at Home depot.
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